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An IC/LC Unconference

The Information Commons Discussion Group topics for Annual 2010 are up to you! We are taking an unconference approach to the session, and that means we decide. Is there a topic you'd really like to see discussed at our summer meeting? Tell us a little bit about it, respond to others topics, and keep the ideas coming.

We will keep this brainstorming forum open until June 5. At that point we will see if we have enough topics to call a vote on or if we want to use all the topics brought up.

Leslie Haas's picture

What does the future hold? Now that IC's have been around for awhile, what is our next evolutionary step?

Leslie Haas
Director, Klarchek Information Commons
Loyola University Chicago Libraries

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My idea is similar to that posted by Leslie Haas. What do we mean today and in the future by Information Commons? Does this have a meaning anymore? 

What should be our next iteration? As we move forward and in response to several reports now out on what our students need for learning, how do we broaden our scope to keep relevant.

How do we successfully bring faculty and the topics of teaching and learning into our discussion? How are we bringing members of Computing Services into our conversations and actions as well?




Ridie Wilson Ghezzi
Head, Research & Instruction Services
Baker-Berry Library