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Sarah English (non-member)'s picture

2010 Annual Agenda

We've got our work cut out for us in DC!  Please bring your energy and ideas and thoughts on which children's literary characters best exemplify the competencies. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

ALSCAgenda2010.docx14.89 KB
Anne Leon (non-member)'s picture

I have been invite to incoming Chair--need to touch base with you regarding future plans, programs etc.

Will our mtg be starting at 8 or is that just breakfast, gen announcements etc? I have  a bunch of conflicts that day, but don't want to miss anything of note....

:D exciting!!-- Annie


Sarah English (non-member)'s picture

Congratulations, Annie!  This is exciting!  For touching base, how does your Monday look?  It sounds like your Sunday is pretty busy...

Yes, we will be starting bright and early at 8 am.

See you soon, and congrats again!


Anne Leon (non-member)'s picture

Let's bring our scheds to the mtg--Monday is pretty loose for me--going to programs, till evening -publisher dinner and maybe the Pritz reception (YA)--haven't picked up that ticket yet.

 I am going to be leaving the mtg by probably 10 or 10:15...cabbing it to Scholastic brunch with one of the new memebers coming on board for next year-- I enticed her with a split cab ride! (lol)

Would we be able to cover the 2011 Annual Program a bit before I have to go? Just want to get a sense of this program, who developed the concept and what needs to get done. Can't wait--have a great  and safe flight-- see you Sunday.