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Regional Campus Libraries Discussion Group

The meeting for the Regional Campus Libraries Discussion  Group will be held at ALA on Sunday June 27 at 4 pm at the Mayflower Renaissance, Massachusetts Room. The topic of discussion is Best Practices for Implementing Information Literacy Assessment at Regional Campuses. A brief description is attached.


regionalcampusdiscussion.docx15.09 KB
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A new incoming chair for this group is needed. If no one comes forth by July 16 this group will be dissolved.

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Can I ask what would be required?  I wanted to attend this meeting at ALA but it conflicted with another meeting I had to attend.  If you'd like to contact me off-list, my email is tjauquet@pnc.edu

Thanks very much.

Tricia Jauquet

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I received some response regarding the status of the committee.  Erica Coe has volunteered to take over the group with the idea of creating a virtual committee only. You can contact her for more info. Thanks for your request...sorry I am so tardy in answering.  Pat Duck