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MAES DCLM ALA session June 28 -- 8am "Assessment for the Rest of Us"

The Data Collection for Library Managers Committee of the LLAMA Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation Section would like to invite you to our program, “Assessment for the Rest of Us: Informal Techniques You Can Use” at the ALA Annual Conference in DC.

 When:  Monday, June 28, 2010, from 8:00-10:00 a.m.

Where: Washington Convention Center Room 145A

This fast-paced program will feature presenters from 10 libraries who will share ways informal assessment can lead to service improvements.  Presenters include:

  • Karen Neurohr and Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Oklahoma State University, discussing a combination survey and focus group lunch aimed at student scholars
  • Louise Lowe and Judith Brook, Mercer University, presenting their use of product demonstrations involving students and the impact on purchasing
  • Kornelia Tancheva, Cornell University, discussing unobtrusive user observations
  • Sharon Naylor and Bruce Stoffel, Illinois State University, reporting on their investigation of chat reference through focus group methods
  • Jeff Gatten, California Institute of the Arts,  presenting on the use and value of poster surveys
  • Kirsten Kingsley and Rachel Besara, Florida State University, discussing a seemingly simple technique: chatting with patrons
  • Wanda Dole and J.B. Hill, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, presenting their efforts to assess community users in an academic library
  • Ameet Doshi, Georgia Tech, reporting on the use of flip video cameras to catch the library from the student point of view
  • Lisa Horowitz, MIT, reporting on the assessment of a project to take the collection to the people
  • Kathy Ray, American University of Sharjah, discussing observation and mapping methods for assessing student use of the library

 The session moderators are Jeanne Brown, University of Nevada Las Vegas, and Jan Lewis, East Carolina University.  There will be time for audience members to ask questions of the presenters and share their own experiences using informal assessment techniques.