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Agenda, 2010 Annual Meeting, EBSS M+O

EBSS Membership and Orientation 2010 Annual Meeting - Agenda

Saturday, June 26, 9:30-11:00. JW Marriott Hotel - Capitol BR E/F

Scott Collard (chair)
Tobeylynn Birch
Cheryl Goldenstein
Linda Hofschire
Nancy P. O'Brien
Dorothy M. Persson
Mr. Andrew Aaron Revelle
Deborah L. Schaeffer

I. Welcome and Introductions (5 mins)
a. Minute taker assigned:

II. Update: social in DC (5 mins):
5:30 pm, Saturday, June 26
Fado Irish Pub
808 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001-3718
Between H and I
Map: http://bit.ly/cnsYVL
Phone: (202) 789-0066‎

III. Membership updates (10 mins)
a. Numbers
b. Letters
c. Surveys

IV. Outreach updates and discussion (10 mins)
a. Buddy Program
b. NMRT Connections
c. Brochure Revisions

V. Brainstorming for other outreach ideas (30 mins)

VI. Letters revisions (remaining)

VII. Other business (5 mins)

VIII. Meeting review (5 mins)
a. Process and content of meeting
b. Report out