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Section Level Welcome Email New Members Template

Tags: Templates | 2010

The following template was developed by the members of the RUSA Membership Committee, 2009-10. It is a template that can be adapted by all sections within RUSA to reach out to new members. Sections can take as little or as much from this template as desired, but all sections should contact new members monthly. The RUSA Marketing Specialist (Liz Markel) will send out lists of new section members.


Dear  XXX:

Welcome to [   ] Section of the Reference and User Services Association!

Please know we value your membership.  Our members create the programming, publications, workshops, and other resources that help make a difference in the world of [frontline reference, collection development, etc]. The [Section] is [description of mission of section].

We are very happy that you’ve joined and want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the benefits of membership and ways to get involved:

[section listserv]:  The [  ] listserv provides a fast and easy way to [examples: consult with your colleagues on issues affecting x, stay updated on section events and news, get help with tough reference questions, keep up-to-date with resources in our fields, and share or find out about job postings]. To join, go to: http://www.ala.org/ala/

[Section Facebook page]: If you’re on Facebook, follow the [Section] fan page! You can learn about [Section] news and events – like online workshops, presentation opportunities, pre-conferences, programs, and discussions.

[Section Newsletter]: Our newsletter keeps you current with the plans, activities, opportunities and events for members of the section. [How to access]

Committee opportunities: [Section] committees range from those that [create guidelines, give out awards, create virtual and conference programming, to those that develop real-world tools to help you in your work]. Getting involved is easy, enhances your professional development, and there are both physical and virtual membership opportunities.  A list of our committees is here:  [ ]. To join: [    ]

Conference activities: [Section] sponsors programs and discussion groups at ALA Annual and Midwinter meetings. The section also holds a [happy hour, social, etc and when].

The [section] welcomes and encourages members who wish to participate virtually. Being a [] member creates both physical and virtual opportunities for collaboration, publication, networking and problem solving. But, even more importantly, membership generates the energy and renewal that comes from interacting with colleagues and knowing that you belong to a vibrant community that understands your needs and shares your values and goals.  (Taken from ACRL/EBSS. Would like to get their OK.)

Again, we welcome you! Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you, on behalf of the [] Membership Committee:

welcome-rusa-section-template.doc29 KB