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Notes for Annual

Hi all,

I want to offer my help with two things for Annual, if the committee is interested.

First, Please make use of the Annual conference wiki at http://annual.ala.org/2010/index.php?title=ALA_101_Programs. Login is required but sign up is one easy step.

Second, let me know as soon as possible if you need to have any handouts created for Annual. I'd need content this week. If this isn't possible, there's always the option of printing (photocopying) onsite in the ALA office in the convention center before the event Friday night.

Last, is there any interest in having handouts distributed at the booth, i.e., The ALA Membership Pavilion, and/or would anyone like to staff the ALCTS space in the Pavilion during the exhibits (5:15pm Friday through Monday afternoon) to meet and greet to promote ALCTS?

Following is some information about the ALA Membership Pavilion and how it works.


If any of this sounds appealing, let me know and I can help arrange from here.

Thanks! Christine


The ALA Membership Pavilion will again be showcasing the work that all units of the Association does for the profession, the library community and the people they serve.  We hope that your unit will participate and use this highly visible platform to communicate with attendees and members. We're at Booth #2525

 Space Available

Each Division will have a 1 meter area that will include a back panel for display and a counter top area for literature distribution. Plenty of storage space will be available.  Various Plexiglas and wire displays for the counter top are provided at no charge.  A sign with your Unit Name will be created at no charge. (Round Tables and Offices will have space as well)


Be sure to include materials that describe 1) your ‘at annual’ events and initiatives; 2) your unit and then 3) something that functions as a membership brochure.

       Recommended Quantities

      Paper handouts (brochures and flyers) - 200 copies

Staffing & Volunteers

The ALA Membership Office will be staffing the Pavilion, taking care of restocking materials and making sure the area is tidy. Volunteers are not required, but are most welcome. If you are going to be staffing your area with volunteers during the conference, let us know before June 1st.

 Staff and/or volunteers are happily welcomed to help with set up. Membership Office staff will be on hand to coordinate and to set up materials, but help is appreciated and recommended to make sure your information is presented as you'd prefer. Please let me know ahead of time if you are sending staff or volunteers, their names, and when to expect them. I will need to make sure they can get into the exhibit hall, so a list of names is vital.

       Set up times:

      Thursday, June 24 - 11am - 4:30 pm

      Friday, June 25 - 9am - 12 noon

As always, let me know if there's anything I can do to help