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Justin Hoenke (non-member)'s picture

ALA 2010 Dance Party Playlist.


Go here for my "in the works" playlist.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to add.  I am also tweaking the song order to get the flow of the mix down.  Let me know if there is anything I can do better.

I created this as more of a warm up to the Dance Party.  Something to get your tush shaking in preparation for the event on Friday June 25.  Venue still TBA.  




Lynda Kellam's picture

well, how about some MJ? Also love it or hate it, people dance to Hey Ya.

Single Ladies

You def need some Lady Gaga on there for me and Dennis.

Justin Hoenke (non-member)'s picture

Oh heck yes.  Hey Ya has been added.  I tossed on some MJ already.  Should I go with some of the great old standbys?  Don't Stop Till You Get Enough?  


More Lady Gags is on the way.  

Dennis Nangle (non-member)'s picture

Chromeo and Kylie in one place. Magical. In the "Hey Ya!" vein, how's about some Janelle Monae? I've been learning the 'Tightrope' (in my head) since it debuted a few months back:



This is really just an excuse for me to test out the multimedia embedding function :-)

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Lynda Kellam's picture

OMG she is fab.

I wanna know, Dennis... Can you do the tightrope? Whether you are high or low!

Julie Kane's picture

How about a little DJ Kool with the live version of Let Me Clear My Throat? aaannnd since it's FIFA time, this year's Shakira song Waka Waka and last year's Hips Don't Lie (Bamboo) feat. Wyclef Jean are both highly danceable. :)  I was psyched to see FOTC Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor, how about Sugalumps? Maybe a little P!nk, a little old-school Prince?