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Conference Programs

 Conference Programs

RUSA offers three types of on-site professional development opportunities:

    * Midwinter Institutes, held at the beginning of ALA Midwinter Meeting
    * Preconferences, held at the beginning of ALA Annual Conference
    * Programs, held during ALA Annual Conference 


Preconference and program proposals are due to the STARS Executive Board and the RUSA Program Planning BEFORE the summer Annual Conference. Any committee contemplating submitting a program proposal needs to contact the Executive Board as early as possible. 

The STARS Executive Board needs to know ASAP if you are thinking about proposing a program and needs to approve the actual program proposal before it goes forward to the RUSA Conference Program Coordinating Committee. Approval can be handled during one of STARS Exec’s monthly conference calls since it’s not likely that a complete program proposal can be developed during this conference.  (need some dates when proposals are due to the STARS Executive Committee)

Please ONLY use this form as a guide re: information to submit to STARS Exec, at first. DO NOT complete and submit the proposal form to RUSA until you have Exec Comm approval.