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Users can use Search to view public content. Logins will be reinstated and users can create new posts, upload files, etc. post launch.

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Help - I Can't Log in!

Here's a checklist of reasons why your login might not be working if you're an ALA member. If you're not an ALA member, you should try resetting your password

  1. You need to be a current ALA member to log in with an existing ALA account. If your membership has expired, your ALA login won't work until you renew your membership. If you're not an ALA member and you haven't created an account on Connect before, you'll need to register first.


  2. If you checked the preference in your member profile on the ALA website to not appear in the member directory/Connect, you don't appear at all here on this site, because it serves as our new version of the directory. That also means you don't have access to Connect, though, because we can't hide you while also letting you participate.

    If you want to log in here, you'll need to log in to the ALA website, update your profile, and select the option to include yourself in Connect. Once you've saved this new preference, you should be able to log in to Connect using your ALA member information.


  3. The username and password you're using may be incorrect. To double-check that you're using the right ones, you can recover your login information on the ALA website.


  4. Please also note that you cannot use an organization's member login to access Connect, because the site is designed to run off individual accounts. This is because organizations can't join a committee, fill out a person's profile, participate in a discussion, join MentorConnect, etc. We welcome folks at institutions that are organizational members of ALA to create non-member accounts on the site in order to still participate in discussions.


  5. If you're still experiencing problems logging in, please use the contact us form or get help directly from our Customer Service department.
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Where so I go to change my password, thanks


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Hi, Charles --

Because Connect uses your regular ALA website username and password, you need to log in to the website to change them. You can update any piece of your member profile there, including name, address, email address, phone, username, and password.

If you run into any problems doing this or if you have further questions, please let me know.


Jenny Levine, ALA staff | jlevine@ala.org | http://connect.ala.org/user/65016