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LITA Interest Group and Committee Chairs Committee

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File LITA-Joint-Committee-and-IG-Chairs-Agenda

by Rachel Vacek on Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm

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Community space for current Chairs of LITA Interest Groups and Committees

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This was the first in-person meeting for this IG. We formed in March with two chairs: Amanda L. Goodman and Ryan Claringbole.

Note: I'm waiting for clearance from ALA Connect to make a formal discussion post so I apologize for this comment with our notes.

  • 12 attendees
  • The Chair, Amanda L. Goodman, gave an introduction to the back history of why this group was formed -- sparked by a discussion on the main LITA-listserv about the need for a 3D Printing IG.
  • Each attendee introduced themselves and what they wanted to learn/discuss within the confines of the group. 
  • Amanda and Co-Chair Ryan Claringbole brought up one of their goals of the group: to create a 3D printing resource for all librarians. The attendees agreed on this and a proposed format was decided upon: using the pre-existing list of things the listserv wanted in a resource, we would send out an email every two weeks and have a discussion on what resources to add to fill in those blanks. 
  • Attendees then asked and answered each other's questions. For example: 
    • Is there a market for good 3D scanners in public libraries?
    • Is anyone teaching classes on how to design 3D projects?
    • Is anyone offering as a service 3D modeling assistance and charging for the service?
    • How are you teaching people about 3D? 
    • Are you having any luck with resin-based printers?
    • Do you have policies regarding weapons or sex toy prints?
  • Should this group be more makerspace focused? The consensus was no, we have our hands full already. 
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