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ALA Conference Committee

Discussion ALA Conference Remodel Proposal for Association-Wide Input

by Clara Bohrer on Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 04:49 pm

Dear ALA Leader—

Dear ALA Leader—

The ALA Conference Committee is seeking your feedback as we work to remodel the ALA Annual Conference.  Mary Ghikas, ALA’s Senior Associate Executive Director, in consultation with the Conference Committee/Conference Program Coordinating Team and with input from ALA conferences services, division staff and roundtable/ALA committee staff liaisons, has developed a remodel proposal for our upcoming 2018 Annual Conference in New Orleans.

 As we worked on its development, we had the following objectives in mind:

  • Create a more manageable and more easily navigable Annual Conference
  • Provide high-quality continuing education in content streams relevant to individuals from different types of libraries and in different specializations
  • Eliminate to the extent possible conflict between programs in the same content stream or during the same time periods
  • Provide peer-to-peer learning and networking aligned with contract streams through discussion/interest groups
  • Continue to provide an exceptional exhibition of products and services for the library community, as well as an opportunity for authors and librarians to interact
  • Provide integrated content information—including programs and discussion groups, as well as interactions with authors and exhibitors
  • Support the governance of the Association by providing a venue for both essential governance meetings and collaborative work
  • Address attendee dissatisfaction with the spread-out campus by reducing campus size by approximately 50%
  • Control costs by reducing campus spread, eliminating or reducing room turns and increasing consistency in practice
  • Increase sustainability, both financial and environmental

The Conference Committee values your input.  We particularly encourage all units of the Association and affiliates who produce programming, hold discussion/interest groups, and/or hold meetings at Annual Conference to review the remodel proposal.  You may post your comments right here on the Conference Committee’s connect space. 

The Conference Committee feels this remodel provides a better conference experience for all participants, as well as long-term sustainability for our association.


Clara Bohrer, Chair

ALA Conference Committee

LLAMA Competencies Committee

File LLAMA Competencies Tier 2

by Lynn Hoffman on Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 07:21 am

PDF File, 99.67 KB

ALA Planning and Budget Assembly

Discussion ALA Financials

by Latasha Bryant (staff) on Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 07:16 am

Good Morning PBA Members,

The following documents are attached for your information:

FY17 1st Quarter Financial Results

Five Year (FY17-21) Budget Plan

Five Year (FY17-21) Budget Assumptions

These documents will also be available at the meeting tomorrow - Sunday, January 22, 2017 (1:00 pm) GWCC B203.


Latasha Bryant
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Finance & Accounting


Spectrum & Diversity Scholars Community

Discussion Spectrum Gatherings at ALA Midwinter 2017 in Atlanta

by Gwendolyn Prellwitz (staff) on Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 10:37 pm



Friday 1/20 8:30am-4pm ALCTS Symposium Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Creating a New Future for Library Collections
Free for Spectrum Scholars, if you didn’t register identify yourself at door as a Scholar and they’ll contact us, see more at

Friday 1/20 12:30-3pm Space for Spectrum discussion at ODLOS Town Hall
See more at

Saturday 10:30am-12:15pm Poster Making | 1-5pm Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women
Poster making session for library workers will take place in Hall A3 of the Georgia World Congress Center (you do not have to be registered for Midwinter to attend).
  Groups will travel to the Center for Civil and Human Rights together and maps and poster making supplies will be provided. If you’re interested in joining discussions and getting updates about library workers’ participation in the march, please join the Facebook Group:

Saturday 1/21 9-10pm Reception for Spectrum Scholars hosted by ALA President-elect Jim Neal
Join us in the Omni Hotel, International Ballroom A-C (Midwinter registration not required, all Scholars can attend even if you did not previously rsvp)

Sunday 1/22 6-8pm GLBTRT Social with special Spectrum Invite at Center for Civil and Human Rights
Thanks to the sponsorship of Gale | Cengage, the roundtable has been able to secure the Center for Civil and Human Rights ( and has generously extended the invitation to our entire Spectrum community. The event features access to Center exhibits, light fare, and cash bar. Please follow the link to RSVP:

Please add events of interest in the comments!

LITA Board of Directors

Online Doc 2017 Midwinter Board Liaison Reports

by Bohyun Kim on Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 11:04 pm

Board liaisons, please list three or more items highlighting the great work your groups have been doing since Annual.

50th Anniversary Task Force: Thomas Dowling and Aimee Fifarek

Board liaisons, please list three or more items highlighting the great work your groups have been doing since Annual.

50th Anniversary Task Force: Thomas Dowling and Aimee Fifarek

  •  Working on fundraising from current and past Board members to support scholarship funds - have raised over $4,000 so far.
  •  Have been working with CAM and Membership to spread the word about the 50th online and F2F and create opportunities to donate at conference, including some awesome swag and donation acknowledgement strategy.
  •  Drafted process for selecting scholarship winners

Appointments Committee: Andromeda Yelton

  •  Creating & documenting a process for how the committee can work, as this is its first year in operation (see )
  •  Filling immediate committee vacancies
  •  Doing outreach (to chairs in re committee needs, and to individuals we'd like to have involved)

Assessment and Research Committee: Christopher Lawton


Committee and Interest Group Chair Coordinators: Bohyun Kim

  •  Reviewing and revising the content on the About/Committees page (mostly done)
  •  Regular chat on the litachairs list
  •  Committee Chair Coordinator also serving as the EL group mentor that will work with committee chairs in their virtual work toolkit.

Communications and Marketing Committee: Aimee Fifarek

  • Spreading word about the CAM promotion request submission form and has develop a social media calendar to spread the work evenly across committee members
  • Working on creating a manual for future CAM Chairs 
  • Intend to revise CAM charge in the Spring in order to better represent the capacity of the committee. 

Diversity & Inclusion: Evviva Weinraub

  •  Committee formed & met for the first time
  •  Creation of a definition of diversity within LITA to be posted on LITA blog by the end of January
  •  Creation of a Conference Buddy Program - implemented for MidWinter

Education Committee: Ken Varnum

  • Work toward revising documentation
  • Determining appropriate responsibilities between the committee and the LITA Office
  •  Collaborating with the Program Planning Committee on identifying pre-conference workshops for ALA Annual 2017.

Membership Development Committee: Susan Sharpless Smith

  • Planned and delivered monthly LITAChat programming.
  • Extensive event planning for: Forum (networking dinner), MW (Open House, Happy Hour) and Annual (usual + 50th anniversary events) 
  • Began work on Tactical Plan assignments

Metadata Standards Committee: Ranti Junus

  • Continue focusing on outreach and education through the blog
  • Working with the Metadata IG on programming for Annual
  • Looking at possible new projects for the upcoming year. 

Program Planning Committee: Ranti Junus

  • Sent out acceptance letters to the presenters for ALA Annual 2017
  • Finished the scheduling 

Publications Committee and ITAL Editorial Board: Thomas Dowling

  • Brought Michael Witt on as committee chair. Thanks to Michael for stepping into a position that has had a lot of unavoidable churn the last couple of years. He is proving to be a very active, involved chair who is energizing the committee.
  • Focused efforts of the committee members to support the LITA Guides series, including brainstorming sessions to generate topic ideas and recommend prospective authors.
  • Preparing a call for proposals with suggested topics: Technology for K-12; Budgeting for Technology; Developing Successful Technology Plans; Developing In-House Technology Expertise.
  • Contacting select LITA Forum presenters about their interest in developing guides from their presentation topics.

Top Technology Trends Committee: Ranti Junus

  • Selected panelists for the 2017 ALA MidWinter program. 
  • Met with the panelists to work on the topics
  • Selected panelists for the Annual 2017
  • Worked on a porject to go through past trends and list them in slideshow format to commemorate LITA 50th anniversary.

Web Coordinating Committee: Jenny Emanuel Taylor

  •  Worked on author attributions for LITA blog so authors can get credit for their work (Mark has been publishing posts)
  •  50th Anniversary site 
  •  Subcommittee to look at LITA's website to streamline content and highlight ways to get involved
  •  Job site mockup:
  • LITA website mainenance
GLBTRT Executive Board (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Round Table)

Discussion 2017 January Executive Board Meeting Agenda

by Paul Kelly on Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 09:09 pm

2017 January Executive Board Meeting Agenda



Saturday, January 21st, 8:30 am EST

Dial-in info is as follows: 

Toll Free Number: 866-801-5789

Participant Passcode: 78965432


2017 January Executive Board Meeting Agenda



Saturday, January 21st, 8:30 am EST

Dial-in info is as follows: 

Toll Free Number: 866-801-5789

Participant Passcode: 78965432


1. Call to Order

Action: None

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No
:30 (5m)


2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Action: Approve agenda for the January 2017 Executive Board meeting. Approval of minutes from the December 2016 Executive Board meeting. (Link:

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

:35 (5m)


3. Treasurer’s Report and Budget

Action: Update from the Treasurer

Item Facilitator: Liz DeCoster


Supporting Information: Liz will provide her monthly update on the Round Table’s finances.
:40 (5m)


4. Bylaws Draft Vote
Action: Discussion and Vote
Item Facilitators: Gina Persichini

Vote: Yes

Supporting Information: The Board will vote on the latest draft of the Bylaws document.


8:50 (10m)


5. RT Councilor Report

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Ann will cover three items: 


1. Executive Director Qualifications - Council will vote on whether or not ALA will require an MLS for the next executive director


RT Discussion 


Vote: - ?


There has been significant comments by both members and units of ALA about this issue.  The RUSA Board discussed this issue at their December meeting and the majority of the Board members support YALSA’s recommendation that the MLIS be a preferred, but not required, qualification in the job description for the next ALA ED, that the applicant be able to demonstrate familiarity with the current library landscape and its values, and that relevant nonprofit and/or association credentials (such as the Certified Association Executive) be strongly considered.  This issue was also discussed by the LITA Board.  Their consensus seemed to be to change “required" to "preferred" or "strongly preferred."  LITA Board members also expressed support for applicant familiarity with  1. ALA & Library values, environment, and priorities, and  2. experience with directing nonprofit or professional associations.





2. Rethinking ALA Conference:   The ALA Conference Committee is seeking input to their proposal to remodel ALA conference:  - 


Conference Remodel Proposal:


A resolution will come to Council in Chicago, Annual Conference 2017.  


Discussion:  Do we want to send input?


3. Gun Control Resolution -   Discussion has continued since Annual conference. The latest draft is the 2nd Discussion Draft.


This issue will be discussed by the Working Group which will bring a resolution to ALA Council through the Committee on Legislation and the Intellectual Freedom Committee.  Any vote taken will mostly likely be at Council III on the Tuesday morning.  


RT Discussion


Vote - ?  RT Councilor will convey GLBTRT’s comments on the issue during Council discussion.


4. Ruth Gordon Memorial Resolution. 

 Link: Memorial Resolution Commending Ruth Gordon (ALA MW 17 FINAL).pdf


9:10 (20m)



6. GLBTRT Planned Giving Options

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons and Sheila ?

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will have a preliminary discussion around planned giving for the Round Table, centered around the ALA Planned Giving Toolkit.


9:20 (10m)



7. Barbara Gittings Exhibit Planning

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Peter Coyl

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Tracy Baim contacted Peter about potentially creating a tribute to Barbara Gittings at ALA Annual 2017, the idea being that we recreate the Gittings display from the ALA conference in Dallas. The board will discuss.


9:30 (10m)


8. RT Advocacy - Next Steps

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will discuss encouraging libraries to display some version of the “Open to All” signage in their physical plants. Example text: “We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders” and "We stand with you. You are safe here.”


9:40 (10m)


9. 50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee Charge

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: David Isaak and Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: At the June GLBTRT Executive Board meeting at Annual 2016 the board motioned to talk about an ad-hoc committee charge for a 50th Anniversary at our Midwinter meeting. A draft of that charge follows.


“Charge: Plan a large-scale celebratory event to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the GLBTRT to be held at the ALA Annual Conference in 2020. Work with the GLBTRT Executive Board to determine costs and potential funding from ALA, GLBTRT members, and external sponsors. Identify and invite special guests to the event. Develop and execute promotion plan. Write event program and possible related publication for print. Plan smaller lead-up events in years leading up to 2020. Support GLBTRT Emerging Leader Project Team in digital photo and oral history collection events at ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings in 2017-2020.”


“Composition: The committee consists of 5 to 7 members, a board liaison, and is led by a chair.”


The board will discuss the following:


-When should the ad-hoc committee form? Right after Annual 2017?

-How long should the appointments last? We may want to allow some turnover before 2020. Does term length need to be included in the committee charge?

-Potential chair or co-chairs? Potential board liaison?

-Even though the committee is ad-hoc, can we take the term "Ad-hoc" out of the official committee name?

-Planning for the 50th is a lot of work, we may want sub-committees. Do we need to include that in the committee charge? Can we empower the committee to make that call?

-Can the Board talk about costs and budgets before we actually form the committee?

-Who decides on ticketed vs free event (Board or Committee) and when? If ticketed, how can the Board and Committee facilitate opportunities for everyone to attend?  

-Do we want a print publication to coincide with the event or will the online GLBTRT archive website created by the EL's be sufficient?


10:00 (20m)


10. Round Table Name Change

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will discuss whether or not the “GLBT” acronym adequately describes makeup of the Round Table membership. Possible replacement names will be proposed.


10:10 (10m)


11. GLBTRT Awards - Closed Session

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Peter Coyl

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The board will discuss the various GLBTRT awards for 2017. 


10:20 (10m)


12. Adjournment

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No


10:30 (end)