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ALA Website Advisory Committee

Discussion Six-month Review of ALA Connect

by Jenny Levine (staff) on Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 02:43 pm

For those of you who might not be subscribed to the ITTS Update blog, I've just posted the Six-month Review of ALA Connect report there. I'll be referring to it in the section of the WAC Report about Connect, so I wanted to make sure everyone has the chance to read it.

To cut to the chase, the general conclusion is that Connect has been successful overall! :-)

Please let me know if you have questions or comments about anything in the report.


Improving ALA Connect

Discussion Statistics

by Marcos Martinez on Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 06:57 pm

It would be interesting to know how many ALA members there are versus the number of those members who are actually "active" on ALA Connect. Jenny, would you be able to post this or somehow show these numbers? Or is this already listed somewhere out there?

Reason? For analysis on my part and any others who want to know.


RUSA MARS Public Libraries Committee (Machine-Assisted Reference Section)

Discussion Mobile Libraries Anyone?

by Alexandria McEwen on Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 01:41 pm

Hey, check out this presentation on Mobile libraries, does anyone use text reference services or have a mobile webpage designed for cell phone users? I would love to hear about your experiences!!

: ) Lexi

ALCTS CaMMS Catalog Management Interest Group

Discussion CMIG Midwinter Program

by Philip Young on Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 12:50 pm

The Catalog Management Interest Group will meet Saturday January 16 from 1:30 to 3:30 at the Hyatt Regency Boston, Quincy Room.  We have four great presentations lined up (see below). Hope you can join us.

-Philip Young, Chair 


Cooperative Cataloging expertise: New Concepts and New Models

Presenter:  Magda El-Sherbini (Ohio State University)

The Catalog Management Interest Group will meet Saturday January 16 from 1:30 to 3:30 at the Hyatt Regency Boston, Quincy Room.  We have four great presentations lined up (see below). Hope you can join us.

-Philip Young, Chair 


Cooperative Cataloging expertise: New Concepts and New Models

Presenter:  Magda El-Sherbini (Ohio State University)

The author of this study will examine the current practice of processing and sharing of bibliographic records among libraries and will introduce ideas for changing the current practice of producing bibliographic records.  The scenarios presented will focus on leveraging existing library expertise and reducing duplication of efforts, while at the same time enhancing cooperation among libraries and maintaining high cataloging standards that are a must in the new technology era.  The proposed options call for the examination of the internal operations of libraries and suggest the possibility of creating more comprehensive cooperative cataloging ventures.


“It wasn't old when we bought it”:  Techniques and Tips for Expanding Catalog Records with Elements of Descriptive Bibliography

Presenter:  Allison O’Dell (Goucher College)

The James Wilson Bright Collection, a 4,000 volume teaching including Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, and Early Modern English texts, was purchased by the Goucher College Library in 1926.  At the time of its acquisition, the 19th and early 20th century works in the collection were not regarded as particularly momentous; they were dispersed to and catalogued alongside the library’s main collection.  Nearly a century later, the Goucher College Special Collections and Archives department has undertaken a project to reintegrate the Bright Collection as a unified whole, while expanding description of and access to the items contained in the collection.

Information repositories and cultural heritage institutions tend to find that their collections become more historically significant and gain in antiquarian value as time progresses.  Consequently, we must re-evaluate, update, and enhance description of materials to reflect their current value and relevance to researchers.  The conversion of existing catalog records to incorporate elements of descriptive bibliography can seem daunting, but well-planned strategies and concise policy assist in the expediency of the undertaking.

This presentation will cover the techniques, tools, and workflows developed by the Goucher College Library “Mapping Special Collections for Research and Teaching” team in expanding existing catalog records with DCRM(b) content standards, collation statements, copy-specific notes, and relevant vocabularies.  The discussion will delve into discovering what is most interesting and topical about a collection, relating it to current trends in different academic studies, looking at the book as an artifact, creating instructional materials, and simple marketing of collections through information literacy.


Cataloging Staff Participation in Community Tagging

Presenter:  Suzanne Graham (University of Georgia Law Library)

 User-generated tags appear in our new discovery catalog interfaces, and cataloging staff should understand how tags can be used and should participate in their creation to enhance user access. 

 A quick overview of current research on folksonomies and community tagging will focus on trends in infometrics and library literatures, and a bibliography will highlight specific studies.

 A frank assessment of the implementation of community tagging in VuFind and Innovative Interfaces' Encore, as well as the incorporation of PennTags in Voyager, will demonstrate why and when staff should participate actively in tag creation.


Batch Loading MARC Records for Electronic Resources

 Presenters:  Connie McGuire and Vicki Dillon (University of Michigan)

  We describe our experience with batch loading MARC records at the University of Michigan Library as a starting point for discussing the issues associated with providing access to large collections of electronic resources. We recently implemented a standard validation process for the batch loading of MARC records for e-book collections purchased from a variety of sources with the goal of providing timely access to electronic resources via the catalog.

 Key elements of this process include:

  • Using Perl module error checking routines to identify potential problems and assign a severity label to the error.
  • Creating a locally developed processing routine that supplies defaults for missing data or changes data to comply with local requirements.
  • Adding local fields to the incoming records that describe the detected errors and the action that has been taken, such as loading the record but suppressing it from public view.
  •  Supporting the library’s single record policy by matching batch loaded records with existing catalog records and merging data from the incoming records with the existing records.

 Discussion topics could include:

  • Tools for retrieving and loading large record sets.
  • Choosing to load the free publisher records that are included in the license for the e-resource collection or purchasing record sets from a vendor, such as OCLC or Serials Solutions.
  • Maintaining the record sets after they have been loaded.
  • Determining the type and level of staff expertise required to manage and monitor batch record loads from a variety of sources.
  • Considerations associated with catalogs that represent the holdings of multiple institutions.
  • The extensibility of sharing or migrating generic load routines among various integrated library systems.
  • Monitoring the quality of the records in publisher and vendor sets.  
  • Exploring ways in which librarians can collaborate with publishers to produce quality record sets.
ALCTS Role of the Professional Librarian in Technical Services Interest Group

Discussion RPLTS IG meeting at Midwinter in Boston

by Robert Rendall on Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 09:31 am

The next meeting of the Role of the Professional Librarian in Technical Services Interest Group has been scheduled:

Sunday 1/17, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Room 157A

Agenda TBA!

Robert Rendall, co-chair

2010 Emerging Leaders Project C (CALM podcast) [Community]

Online Doc EL Roles

by Karen Muller on Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 03:38 pm

I'm adding this here, so as to get it out of my in box and in a place it might be used.

LLAMA Mentoring Committee (Library Leadership & Management Association)

Event Application deadline for 2010-2011 Mentoring Program

by Reese Evenson on Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 01:40 pm

Application deadline for the 2010-2011 LLAMA Mentoring Program.

LLAMA Mentoring Committee (Library Leadership & Management Association)

Discussion 2010 LLAMA Mentoring Program application deadline extended

by Reese Evenson on Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 01:27 pm

The application deadline for the 2010-2011 LLAMA Mentoring Program for both mentees and mentors has been extended to January 15, 2010.  Please visit the Mentoring Committee Wiki for information about the program and to access the application links.

RUSA RSS Organization and Planning Committee (Reference Services Section)

Online Doc Minutes - 2009 - Midwinter

by Liane Taylor (non-member) on Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 01:01 pm

Saturday, January 24, 2009

8:30 - 10:00 AM

Westin Tabor Center, Continental A/B

Denver, CO





Attending: Lisa Horowitz (chair, minutes), Larayne Dallas, Gale Etschmaier, Sarah Hammill, Cindy Levine, Joe Thompson, Liane Luckman


Saturday, January 24, 2009

8:30 - 10:00 AM

Westin Tabor Center, Continental A/B

Denver, CO





Attending: Lisa Horowitz (chair, minutes), Larayne Dallas, Gale Etschmaier, Sarah Hammill, Cindy Levine, Joe Thompson, Liane Luckman


Guests: Susan Beck, Brett Lear, Barb Mann, Judy Solberg, Susan Ware, Andrew Whitis


Missing: Ann Jerabek, Mary Strow


  1. Web site issues

The Web Advisory Committee joined the RSS Org & Planning Committee as there were overlapping issues, and because the members overlap as well.

  • Andrew Whitis (representing the RSS web group) will bring RSS issues regarding the web to the RUSA Publications Committee, which now includes webmaster membership from each section.
  • Issues of concern: RUSA communication has been sporadic and not always accurate; the problems continue over time although they change; we can’t tell who is in control over the different parts of the web.

Joe and Andrew were to attend the Publications meeting and get back to us with follow up about the web.


  1. Section Review
    1. Section Review Task Force: Cindy, Sarah, Gale, Lisa, Joe, Larayne, Brett.
    2. Section review: The process for handling the section review was agreed to. O&P will answer the questions, submit the draft to the Exec Board for input, and will send a final version to RUSA Org. through Sarah. Other discussion took place at our second meeting.
    3. Committee review: Each member of the task force volunteered to work with two committees. These are assigned in a separate document, sent to task force members. Process was discussed at second meeting.
  • By Feb. 10: Task force member connects with committee to request committee review.
  • By Mar. 10: Committees respond to questions, with help of TF contact.
  • By Apr. 15: Committee submits report to the Exec Comm.
  • At Annual, TF and Exec Board will discuss results.


  1. Discussion Groups
    1. Repetitioning

The group discussed how repetitioning works. We agreed that a discussion group needs to get signatures from 25 RSS members, asserting that they support the continuation of the DG. They do not need to be participants in any particular discussion.

The structure of DGs will be discussed as part of the section review with Exec. Comm.

Sarah, as mentor to the CODES/RSS Dual Assignments DG, the only DG requiring repetitioning this year, will coordinate with Qiana Johnson to ensure the sheets have the appropriate info.

Last year’s DG, Hot Topics in Frontline Reference, simply created a list of 25 participants. That will be considered acceptable, given the situation under which that group was working.

  1. Mentoring – This was the first year that mentoring by members-at-large took place within RSS. The members-at-large present at our meeting agreed that it made good connections and that the personal touch, meeting committee chairs in person, would also be useful.


  1. Awards
    1. Mudge Award: The proposal went to the chair of the RUSA Awards Coordinating Committee. We have not heard further from them.
    2. RSS Honor Roll:
  • This honor will be announced at every all-committee meeting, encouraging people to sign up for it
  • Andrew Whitis will create a form for people to input their information. This form will go to the chair of O&P and to the liaison for the Honor Roll (in this case, Lisa and Sarah).
  • Sarah will send a new email inviting submissions, once the form is in place.
  • The Honor Roll will be listed on the home page of the RSS Web pages. The year in which people are entered into the Honor Roll will be listed.
  • RSS Honor Roll members inducted each year will be recognized at the Open House reception during Annual. Sarah will create a certificate to present to them. They will be mentioned in an RSS Review article as well. Liane will investigate a possible sticker or ribbon to identify those people?


  1. RSS Service Achievement Award:
  • Larayne will update based on all the comments. She’ll send it out once more to O&P.
  • Once we have approved it, we’ll send it out to Exec Comm for approval.
  • Lisa will investigate whether RUSA Awards Coordinating Committee needs to get involved.
  • A call for applicants/nominations will come from Barb Mann, as chair next year.


  1. Planning for Annual
    1. Open House: Discussion began on how to prepare for the open house. Full discussion is in the second meeting’s minutes.


  1. Housekeeping (requires yearly review by this committee)
    1. Archiving materials
  • RSS currently has no procedure for archiving. Barb Mann will draft a procedure by Feb. 15, 2009.
  • We need to identify the items we want to keep.
  • There needs to be a process for getting things to the RUSA Office.
  • We need a process to archive items on the web.
  • We can use the MARS Archives handbook for ideas, as well as History section.
  • Cindy will act as archives project person through Annual, to ensure that we follow through on the process.


  1. Org & Planning wiki: Lisa will make sure that all people are able to access the PBwiki that we have been using. [DONE.]





Sunday, January 25, 2009

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Denver Marriott City Center, Molly Brown

Denver, CO




Attending: Lisa Horowitz (chair, minutes), Larayne Dallas, Gale Etschmaier, Cindy Levine, Joe Thompson, Liane Luckman


Missing: Sarah Hammill, Ann Jerabek, Mary Strow


Agenda continued from Saturday’s meeting.



  1. Planning for Annual
    1. Open House:
  • Liane is taking the lead on helping out with this. She will ask for help as needed.
  • Goal of this event is to help people interested in public services and reference to find a place in RUSA.
  • Sponsorship has been secured from Reference Services Review/Emerald. Gale will pursue with Barb Macikas to see what actions we need to take to make this happen.
  • We’ll have greeters again and welcoming people to help everyone mingle. (Exec Comm, O&P members; chairs will greet at tables)
  • RSS Awards (see above) will be presented.
  • There will be a half hour of mingling prior to any official business.
  • Table tents must be available, and clean. Judy to confirm that we have one for each?
  • Official business:
  1. Introductions by Judy Solberg of Exec Comm., committee chairs (please stand up type of thing), and Emerald/Ref Svcs Review
  2. Groups who have an event during Annual to advertise.
  3. No official presentation. Want whatever we do to be energizing.
  4. ACTION ITEM: We need to remind Judy to send out a letter that talks about the open house and the expectations of chairs.
  • Handouts:
  1. Larayne will create sign-up sheets.
  2. Liane will create postcards about each committee.
  3. Liane will create something that works for this and for RUSA Social, and/or ALA Pavilion, a double-side sheet with an item or two about each committee with contact info.
  4. Stickers for session identifying greeters and new people. (Lisa)
  • Publicity:
  1. Clarify that this is where to go to find out specifically about opportunities in RSS. One of the best ways to get on a committee is to sit at a meeting and participate.
  2. RUSA Social offers an opportunity to talk to someone from the section.


  1. New Chair Orientation
  • New Chair orientation document:
  1. Joe, Cindy, Barb Mann, (Lisa if needed) will update orientation materials.
  2. Should include logistics, helpful info.
  3. Sent to all new chairs.
  4. Will somehow be linked to the Handbook, perhaps will be the Handbook. Group will review both documents and find a way to combine them.


  • Orientation activity:
  1. Occurs in first half hour of Exec Comm.
  2. Hand out orientation materials, but no step by step
  3. Ask a few current chairs to step up and name one thing that is helpful to know as a chair, one thing they wish they’d known, or one important thing
  4. Barb, Joe and Cindy will identify people and ask them to speak.


  1. Housekeeping (requires yearly review by this committee)
    1. Handbook (edited 11/3/08 by Lisa): See above. Will be combined with new chair orientation.
    2. Committee Chair Orientation Checklist (needs to be updated for Annual): See above.
    3. By-laws: Lisa will review
    4. Wiki maintenance, use, upkeep: Joe will investigate folders and ensure that newest document is available. All documents will be made into wiki documents, rather than Word.


  1. New business
    1. O&P helping vice chair with appointments?

The group discussed how we could help the vice chair make appointments.

  • Vice chair should supply a roster to all committees of current people’s terms, as these are not on the official rosters.
  • Chairs should be encouraged to supply new people’s names and whether they’d be good on the committee.
  • If the vice chair needs assistance, we can do Google research on volunteers.


  1. Follow up from Annual 2008: Do we need a membership subcommittee? Liane, liaison to membership, says no, so we will not pursue this.


  1. Section Review (revisited)
    1. Section Review:
  • Five questions were assigned to each person. Cindy: 1; Gale: 2; Joe: 3; Liane: 4; Lisa, 5.
  • Draft response to question will be completed by Mar 10 (like committees)
  • Put on wiki. Will be shared amongst O&P members, and then sent to Exec Board by Apr 15
  1. O&P Committee Review:
  • Lisa will send questions to committee, per above committee schedule.