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Love her or Hate her, there is bound to be at least one Gaga song playing in any establishment that facilitates dance. Below is a collection of Gaga gifs. Study her movements, and you'll be prepared to properly break it down:

Let's start simple. From 'Telephone': the inverted head-bang:





If you find yourself near a pay phone, and feel skilled enough for some advanced flailing, I present the following challenge:









For those less inclined to dance to formal choreography:








Establishments of dance notorious have endless lines for the restroom. Do this while you wait your turn:









And lastly, careful when boogying around/on/near stairs. Gaga's friend Beyonce learned the hard way:












Consider yourself prepared. Let the dancing commence!

Xima Avalos's picture

that is all.

Eric Frierson (non-member)'s picture

i can't believe i know both people involved with this post.  what is the world coming to?  on the other hand, ACRL's dance party at the science fiction hall of fame was pretty awesome.

Lynda Kellam's picture

heart heart!

and i heart lady gaga!

Kristin LaLonde's picture

Greatest thing ever. Love, love, LOVE das Gaga!