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Allison Payne-IL (staff)'s picture

Pre-vote discussion: 2/14/17–2/20/17 SAAL Task Force Extension

The Board is invited to review the Board action form regarding the extension of the Screening and Appointment of Academic Librarians Using a Search Committee Task Force.

Please use threaded discussions to post feedback regarding the proposed action during the discussion period of 2/14/17–2/20/17.

Following the discussion period, the Board will vote on the extension of the task force via virtual vote during 2/21/17–2/27/17, and confirm its vote at the 2017 Annual Conference.

Cheryl Middleton's picture

This seems like a reasonable request since there were communication issues.

Caroline Fuchs's picture

Yes, I also agree. I just worry that the perhaps the extension should be longer.

Prof. Caroline Fuchs
Learning Design Librarian
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Lori Ostapowicz-Critz's picture

I agree. It's important to complete this work and it seems that the extension is justified.



Kim Leeder Reed's picture

Though I do wonder what the "delay" was, and whether we should also be looking at either a change to the TF membership or process, to make sure they are able to complete their work. Do we know the back story? Is four more months enough?


John Culshaw's picture

I agree the extension should be sufficient for the group to complete their work.



Emily Daly's picture

Let's do hope 4 more months is sufficient!

Emily Daly
Head, Assessment & User Experience Department
Librarian for Education
Duke University, Perkins Library
Box 90175
Durham, NC 27708-0175
919.660.5879 (ph) 919.660.5957 (fax)

LeRoy LaFleur's picture

I am supportive of the extension and it sounds like the task force feels that the amount of time allocated should be adequate.