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Allison Payne-IL (staff)'s picture

Pre-vote discussion: 2/10/17–2/16/17 Establishment of Digital Scholarship Section

The Board is invited to review the Board action form regarding the establishment of the Digital Scholarship Section (DSS) and to simultaneous dissolve the Digital Curation Interest Group, Digital Humanities Interest Group, and Numeric and Geospatial Data Services in Academic Libraries Interest Group.

Please use threaded discussions to post feedback regarding the proposed action during the discussion period of 2/10/17–2/16/17.

Following the discussion period, the Board will vote on the establishment of the Digital Scholarship Section (DSS) and to simultaneous dissolve the above listed interest groups via virtual vote during 2/17/17–2/23/17, and confirm its vote at the 2017 Annual Conference.

Lori Ostapowicz-Critz's picture

This is a comprehensive and thoughtful proposal/plan for a Digital Scholarship Section.  Support for this new section is evident in both the number of signatures obtained and in the feedback/support from other groups involved in the digital scholarship arena.  This is an important and growing area for academic libraries, and I fully support creation of this section.


Irene Herold's picture


Irene Herold

ACRL Board, Past President 2017-2018

Caroline Fuchs's picture

I agree with Lori. This is not only a growing interest among membership, but there is also a growing number of professional positions in academic libraries related to digital scholarship. The well-written and thoughtful proposal is reflective of the commitment to this proposal.

Prof. Caroline Fuchs
Learning Design Librarian
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
John Culshaw's picture

I'm glad to see this timely proposal.  These issues are indeed important across our membership and it makes sense to create a community of practice around them.  Nice work.

Cheryl Middleton's picture

I am supportive of this proposal for the reasons stated by my esteemed colleagues who have replied before me.

LeRoy LaFleur's picture

I think this will make for a great new Section for many of the reasons already mentioned here and in the proposal/plan itself!  They've done the legwork with the signatures and it's wonderful to see the process at work.

Kim Leeder Reed's picture

I love seeing the partnerships here, and the fact that the new section will be defined broadly enough to encompass the work of several different existing groups. I'm in favor of moving forward.