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Steven Bell's picture

Welcome to the Digital Scholarship Centers IG - Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone. 

We are Steven Bell and Merinda Kaye Hensley. We will serve as the co-coordinators of this IG.

We will introduce ourselves separately in responses to this first post on our Connect Space.

Many thanks to those of you who supported our petition to have ACRL create this group.

We have a few things planned for the first year, including a meeting at ALA Annual in San Francisco (more coming on that) and a summer webcast...and we want to hear from you with your ideas for activities.

For now, please introduce yourself to the group. Say a bit about your current position, what's happening at your Library with Digital Scholarship Center operation or planning, and what you hope to get from participating in this group.


Steven Bell

Anne Larrivee's picture

Hi Steven, Merinda, and interest group members,

My name is Anne Larrivee and I currently work as a Subject Librarian at Binghamton University Libraries.  I joined this interest group to learn more about how other libraries are developing these spaces. We've explored the possibility of creating a Digital Scholarship Center within our own Library but we are still in the initial discussion phase. 


Sarah Hoskins (non-member)'s picture

Hi all,

My name is Sarah Hoskins and I am currently building a Digital Scholarship Center at Rowan University. I've already run some successful Digital Humanities workshops for our faculty and students and am eager to branch out into other areas of scholarly communication. I would love to hear about what other libraries have done, particularly how you got faculty buy-in for new programs and services.

Katy Berube's picture

My name is Katy O'Neill Berube and I am the Interim Associate Director at the Loyola / Notre Dame Library in Baltimore.  We are an independent academic library support two schools, Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University.  We have worked in the digital humanities space on a limited basis and like Miranda we are looking at best practices for scalable and sustainable solutions for mid-sized academic libraries in this space.  We are interested in learning how to grow into a digital scholarship center model overtime and look forward to the discussions in this group!  Thank you Steven and Merinda for bringing us together.

Amanda Rust's picture

Hello, all, it's great to see this group starting up. I'm the Assistant Director of the Digital Scholarship Group at the Northeastern University Libraries, as well as the Digital Humanities librarian. We're only about a year old, and I've only been with the group 4-ish months, so I'm interested in hearing how people are managing "we're a new center" things like outreach (both within and external to the library), hiring, assessment, and professional development. I'm particularly interested in how digital scholarship centers can work towards successful integration within wider library programs and services. Plus, I'm generally interested in hearing others' general ideas for creating or managing these types of centers. Thank you, co-coordinators, for putting this group together.

Cinthya Ippoliti-OK's picture

Hi everyone,

I'm the AD for Research and Learning Services in the library at Oklahoma State University. We are just now beginning to explore data services, programming and infrastructure on campus so I am very interested to see what others are doing! We do not have a large staff and will hopefully be able to partner with others on campus as well as hire some new positions in the future.

Clem Guthro's picture

Hi. I'm Clem Guthro, Director of the Colby College Libraries in Waterville, Maine.  We don't have a digital scholarship center yet but I'm interested and it is something that is likely to appear in our next strategic plan (in process). I have a sabbatical coming up in 2016 and this will be the focus of my time away from the office.



Jean Phillips's picture

Greetings from beautiful Tallahassee, Florida! 

I am Jean Phillips, the Associate Dean of Libraries for Technology and Digital Scholarship at Florida State University.  We are getting started and exploring what services we can offer to our researchers.  After a planning period we created a new position of Digital Scholarship Coordinator to get the program rolling.  Data Services, Digital Humanities and Publishing are all under this umbrella.

Matthew Harp's picture

My name is Matthew Harp and I am the Digital Projects Librarian at the ASU Libraries in Tempe, Arizona. I have been in my current position for about four months now. My responsibilities include working with our digital repository and providing data management services for researchers which we are still developing. While related to my former work in digital library production management, it is a very different world. A recent topic of conversation has been Digital Scholarship centers and research hubs so this interest group is very timely and I hope to learn from the discussion in this group. 

Claudia Holland's picture

I'm Claudia Holland, Head of the Scholarly Comm. & Copyright Office at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. We do not use the term "Digital Scholarship Center," here at Mason, although we offer similar services--assistance with DMPs, finding & working with data, an IR, publishing digital journals and (eventually) monographs, etc. We have an active digital humanities program outside the library (RR Center for History & New Media) that we partner with, to some extent. I look forward to hearing what others are doing in the realm of DS and sharing our plans. Thanks for forming this group, Merinda and Steve!

Elisa Rollins (non-member)'s picture

I am Elisa Rollins, Scholarly Communications Librarian for Liberty University.  We are beginning to delve into digital scholarship services and I am interested in staying abreast of projects and plans at other universities. I look forward to learning from all of you. 

Nicole Sump-Crethar's picture

I am Nicole Sump-Crethar, Head of Digital Library Services for Oklahoma State University. I'm interested in seeing what others are doing as we start exploring new services we can offer. I can't wait to see what everyone is up to.

Ridie Ghezzi's picture

Hello, all,

My name is Ridie Ghezzi and I am head of Research & Instruction Services at Dartmouth College. We are currently in the process of hiring a Digital Scholarship Librarian as well as a Data & Visualization Librarian, and have a major strategic initiative in the Library to develop a Digital Scholarship Center. We currently have many digital initiatives in process across the College and are looking forward to finding ways of bringing these collaborative and inter-disciplinary projects and support of these projects together, both virtually and, eventually, physically. 

I look forward to the interest group meeting in San Francisco. Thank you for getting this group going!

Ridie Wilson Ghezzi
Head, Research & Instruction Services
Baker-Berry Library
Meris Mandernach's picture

Good afternoon! I'm Meris Mandernach, Head of Research Services at The Ohio State University Libraries and we're in the process of developing a new digital scholarship center, known at the Research Commons. We've been offering workshops already but we're developing a space that will open in January 2016.  Our initial focus areas are digital humanities, data management, and geo-spatial services.  We are also concentrating on referrals, consultations, workshops, and showcasing research outputs.  We have partnered with other research support services from around campus and within the library (writing center, grants management, IRB, copyright resources center, etc) in order to avoid duplication of services across the university. More information on our summer and fall workshops are available at our website: http://library.osu.edu/researchcommons

While I wasn't able to make the meeting in San Fran, from all accounts it sounds like it was a wonderful venue for sharing ideas and I can't wait to hear more ideas from this group

Inga Barnello's picture

I am the collections librarian at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.  I joined this group to learn how libraries are working to develop digital services. Our library hasn't a digital service center.  The college is starting to plan for a new center for teaching and learning.  I would like to advocate that this center expand its purview.  

Inga H. Barnello, CLS, Secretary
Interim Director of the Library
Le Moyne College-Noreen Reale Falcone Library
Syracuse, NY