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Draft 2014 Annual Website Advisory Cmte Agenda and Minutes

Sunday, June 29, 2014, 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Las Vegas Convention Center Room: N209

1.0 Call to Order and Introductions - Vess 10 min. (3:00)

2.0 Report from and Conversation with WAC Executive Board Liaison – Rob Banks 25 min. (3:10)

  • Conference registration for Las Vegas is ahead of projections.
  • Membership numbers are down but this parallels the decline of library jobs as a result of the recession.  Several divisions and committees, however, have seen an increase in membership.
  • Revenue is down but so are expenses.  There is a Special Presidential Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  There are some concerns about the Annual 2016 conference in Orlando.  
  • The Workforce Investment Act has been a 10 year project that will help improve funding for libraries.  This bill just passed the Senate.  There is optimism that this bill will also pass the House.  
  • Budget & supporting plans for ITTS:  Money has been set aside to move ITTS projects ahead.  As always, more funding is needed but this is a good start.  Sherri and Jenny have created a ITTS Roadmap which was favorably received by the ALA Board.  There is an understanding that ALA needs to make technology a priority.   
  • Strategic Plan for ALA:  The ITTS plan is a bubble on the strategic plan.  There will be opportunities for ALA members to provide feedback on the strategic plan.  
  • The 2014 Budget is looking healthy.  
  • Aaron Dobbs expressed concerns about the low attendance at the Web Advisory Committee meetings.  

Discussion about ITTS

  • ITTS requested four positions be filled. One position was approved.  ITTS is in serious need of new staff.   ITTS lost two positions a year ago and its been a challenge keeping up with work.  
  • ITTS is not getting enough feedback from members.  This makes it challenging to fix to issues and problems.
  • Simon thanked ITTS for doing a great job staying on top of accessibility issues and for being responsive.  
  • Betsy thanked ITTS for their clear instructions on how to set up committees in ALA Connect.  
  • Courtney shared three suggestions:   
    • It would be helpful to have documentation that describes the relationship between different systems e.g. IMLS database and ALA Connect .  
    • Improve the way to provide feedback/report problems in ALA Connect
    • ITTS could hold focus groups to get feedback on ALA Connect.  It was suggested that someone outside of ITTS could lead the discussions.  David and Robert might try to develop this.  
  • Jenny reported that the new ITTS trainer will be developing webinars and training sessions on ALA Connect.  It was recommended that ALA Connect training should be part of the orientation for new chairs.  
  • There was a discussion about whether WAC would want to consider sponsoring an emerging leader to help with ALA Connect training or see whether there are library students interested in working on this as a project.  

3.0 Committee Business -

3.1 Amendments to agenda



3.2 Amendments to minutes from Midwinter 2014:


Minutes were approved.  


3.3 Discussion of committee report from Midwinter 2014:




4.0 Questions about ITTS Report to WAC - Vanyek, Levine 15 min.

ACTION ITEM:  Sherri will collect statistics for Mediawiki.  It was recommended that Sherri collect statistics for a peak time (e.g. before/after conference) and a non-peak time.  This will provide a better sense of how often groups are using Mediawiki.  

It was noted that if the decision is made to retire Mediawiki there will need to be a plan to migrate content off of the wiki.    

David thanked ITTS for their great report.  Additional questions about the report should be posted to ALA COnnect.  

Full report available here: http://connect.ala.org/node/224560


5.0 Questions about ITTS Roadmap – Vanyek 15 min

Full roadmap document available here: http://itts.ala.org/news/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/ALA-Technology-Roadmap.pdf

The Roadmap outlines projects ITTS is working on/plans to work for the next four years.  

ITTS is currently accepting projects for 2016.   

David also thanked ITTS for another great report.  Additional questions about the report should be posted to ALA Connect.    

ACTION ITEM:  David will send a call out to the  WAC for feedback about the report.  


6.0 Action Item Follow-up from Previous Meetings 20 min.

6.1 Accessibility of ALA Exhibits Floor

The challenge is to make it easier for people with accessibility issues to navigate the exhibits floor.  

Jenny suggested that the project should be referred to LITA.

ACTION ITEM:  David will contact the LITA Coders group to see if this is a project they would be willing to take on.  Simon, Jenny and John will be cc’d on the message.  


6.2 Use of ALA Logo on a non-ALA website -- Universal Access: Making Library Resources Accessible to People with Disabilities

The request is to allow a “ALA Approved” logo to appear on the website Universal Access: Making Library Resources Accessible to People with Disabilities.  

ACTION ITEM:  Simon and David will draft a request.  Sherri will then take the request to management for approval.  


6.3 Link to Accessibility Clearing house page on ALA Homepage

Simon suggested that this could be a project for an emerging leader.  

ACTION ITEM:  David and Simon will draft a formal request.  


7.0 New Committee Business

GODORT has expressed concerns about using ALA Connect for its committee activity. The issue is there are three taskforces and by default every GODORT member is a member of these task forces.  Simon asked whether it was possible for GODORT members to be automatically added to each task force in ALA Connect.  Jenny replied it was possible but that there would be a maintenance issue.  Jenny replied that she could turn on notifications for the division if advised.   


8.0 Adjournment (5:00)


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I also just wanted to bump up the ALA Strategic Technology Directions 2014-2017 document that ITTS put together for the spring 2014 ALA Executive Board meeting. It's great background for our meeting at Annual, and we're happy to answer questions about it in Connect or in person.

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