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RDA Toolkit pricing for U.S. announced

Pricing for the U.S. market is as follows.

$325 for the first user
2 to 9 concurrent users will be charged an additional $55 for each designated user
10 to 19 concurrent users will be charged an additional $50 for each designated user
20+ concurrent users will be charged an additional $45 for each designated user

For example:     An institution that designates 3 additional users will be charged $435 ($325 plus 2 times $55)

 An institution that designates 12 additional users will be charged $875 ($325 plus 11 times $50)

Purchase in other countries will follow the pattern of AACR2, with the license purchased from the appropriate co-publisher.

Send an email to rdatoolkit@ala.org to get information about free trials, spcial introducotry offers, and product updates.

Nicholas Bennyhoff's picture

I don't see many small libraries being willing to pay that.

Not a big deal for larger libraries, I suppose, but ALA is pricing smaller libraries completely out of the transition to RDA.

Nina Schneider's picture

Is this a one-time cost, or the price for yearly subscription?

Nina Schneider
Head Cataloger
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
University of California, Los Angeles
Helen Gbala's picture

This is the annual subscription price.

Joe Augustin's picture

If the annual online access fee is going to be so high, it's unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be much interest in producing a user-friendly print version. I don't like the thought of getting cornered into a chunky annual fee. On the other hand, at least this could mean that noone with RDA will have an outdated edition :) Has anyone heard whether archiving will be allowed, or a CD-ROM version made available?

Marjorie Bloss's picture

Are there any price differentials for, say, library schools, or is the above cost a "one size fits all"?

Mary Mackay (not verified)'s picture

Hi--Mary here, ALA Publishing's director of marketing strategy. We're currently talking to people in different library school programs to find out what we need to do to make the RDA Toolkit most accessible for teaching purposes. It's likely that library school pricing will be different, but it's too early yet to say exactly what it will be. As and when we have price differentials to announce, we'll make sure we do it here in ALA Connect. Please do contact me if you have input about how you see accessing and using RDA in teaching, and any standards or requirements your institution has in place that will help us make final pricing decisions. Thanks!

Jessica Hayden's picture

I've heard that RDA may be included in Cataloger's Desktop for those of us who subscribe to it.  I'm not sure what this would do to the price of Cataloger's Desktop though.

Patrick Hogan (staff)'s picture

RDA would be a separate subscription. You would be able to access it through the the Cataloger's Desktop product/ interface.

Nancy Holmes's picture

I would also like to see a print alternative.  In this economy even medium sized libraries/library systems may have trouble justifying the costs in their budget. 

Joy Hansen's picture

Where might I get more info about what exactly will be included in the toolkit so I can justify the purchase to management?  Thank you, Joy

Jim Smitts (non-member)'s picture

Will there be a one-sheet available so I can pitch it to the appropriate people?