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NMRT Committee 2011-12 Final Reports


Deadline:  June 30, 2012 (note the extended deadline)

Committee Final Report Template

In order to submit your progress report, please add a comment at the bottom of this post rather than creating a separate post or document for your report.  This way, it will be easy for the Secretary to find the report and make sure it is linked with the list below:

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Olofson Award final report 2012.doc31.5 KB
Erin Dorney (non-member)'s picture

Student and Student Chapter Outreach (SASCO)

SASCO_final_report_June_12.doc38 KB
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Here's a new link to the Committee Final Report Template, http://connect.ala.org/files/51910/NMRT%20Committee_Final_Report_Templat...


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Web Committee Final Report[1].doc27.5 KB
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Please see attached.  The survey results are also attached.


Thank you!


Bohyun and Ava

Ava M. Brillat

University of Miami

Richter Library

Andrea Mullarkey (non-member)'s picture

The final report is attached.

Thank you,


FinalReport-Governance.docx11.9 KB
Rekesha Spellman's picture

The Final Report of the NMRT Footnotes Committee is attached.

Virginia Pierce's picture

Here's our Handbook Committee Final Report.

Maureen Cropper's picture

Please see attached report.

Natalie Clewell's picture


Emily Prather-Rodgers (non-member)'s picture

My committee's report is attached.



Laura Krier's picture

Our final report is attached. 

Linda Crook (non-member)'s picture


Linda Crook

Bridget Doloresco's picture

Please see attached.

Holly Gerber (non-member)'s picture

Attached is the final report for the MPDR Committee.

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Archives Committee_Final_Report.doc33.5 KB
Melissa Mallon's picture

Our final report is attached. Thanks!

Charlene Hsu Gross's picture

Here you go!

Easter DiGangi (non-member)'s picture


Easter DiGangi, MLS

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We had a great year!

RRS Final Report 2012.doc33.5 KB
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2012-NMRTOrientationFinalReport.pdf169.6 KB
Michelle Chronister (non-member)'s picture

I am still waiting on the final budget figures, but didn't want to wait any longer to submit the report. I will update the doc and resubmit once I have the amounts.

Tracy Stout's picture

Sorry for the delay.  This may need updating if the final receipts from ALA are different from our figured numbers. 

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Attached is a copy of the NMRT Mentoring Committee Final Report

Julia Glassman (non-member)'s picture

See attached.

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Melissa Brisbin (non-member)'s picture

Here is the final report.



Melissa Brisbin

Melissa Brisbin