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Irene Kwidzinski's picture


We’re official.  Welcome.  Please invite others to join a new AASL Special Interest Group: Retiree.


If you are retired, anticipating retirement or want to advocate for retiree activities in AASL, join us.


The RetireeSIG is a community for passionate school librarians to gather, connect, and continue to be actively engaged in a profession they love and value.


A school librarian is a learner4life. Maintain and improve your skills.  Participate in lively discussions.  Discuss the latest books.  Get involved in research opportunities.  The possibilities are endless and member driven.


Pay it forward. Mentor or advise school librarians.  Discuss what works or what you have discovered.  You have expertise to share.  


Advocate for what matters.  The school library community needs your voice.


Continue to participate in what matters to you and to AASL, a win-win for everyone.


See you on ALA Connect and at annual in Anaheim to celebrate this new, vibrant SIG!





Irene Kwidzinski

AASL Retiree Task Force Chair


Linda Roberts's picture

Thanks for all the effort to get this going!  I'm sure great things will come from it!

Ann Marie Pipkin's picture

Just issued the announcement and invitation to join on the Alabama Librarians website.  This is exciting!

Ann Marie Pipkin

72 Cyprus Circle

Sylacauga, AL 35151

205-410-6787 (cell)

256-249-8506 (home)


Ann Marie Pipkin Library Media Specialist (retired) from 32 years of teaching

2017    RMRT Chair

2016    Alabama Library Eminent Librarian Award Recipient